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Sunday, February 26, 2012

EDSA 26: He Who Had Ninoy Killed Is Still Very Much Alive

EDSA 26:

*I have millions of beliefs, and to state a few.

*I believe that Marcos was too smart to have Ninoy killed.

*I believe the ones who ordered Ninoy to be shot are still very much alive today...also so much powerful.

*I believe Ninoy died in vain...because his death only served the political and economic ambitions of those who ordered to have him killed.

*I believe those ambitions are what placed our country in this state.

*I believe in a lot of things that are not written in books and shall never be written.

*Most importantly, fast forward 26 years, I believe that EDSA is jammed with an average travel speed of 17KPH during rush hours.  17KPH is the land speed record of a galloping crocodile.  "Buwaya" is the Filipino term for crocs, also a local connotation for someone who's corrupt.

*I believe the last one I mentioned is the hardest to contest, as these are not just beliefs...these are facts.

Fast forward 26 years, EDSA is now a clogged artery.

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