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Friday, August 13, 2010

Yahoo Spammers: Top Reasons Why I Removed Yahoo Messenger From My Computer

Yahoo is too much hacked & spammed.  I hope they notice.
I believe Yahoo is a favorite for the hackers out there.  In case Yahoo has not noticed, a typical yahoo mailbox would receive thousands of spam emails in a day.  A typical Yahoo Messenger account would probably receive stray messages or messages from innocent contact lists who do not know that their accounts are already hacked, until you tell them.

I was chatting with a friend today, and we were exchanging information on Yahoo Messenger.  These were bank details and some classified details on how to transfer Paypal funds to local bank account.  All of a sudden, I got disconnected from my Yahoo Messenger, and a prompt screen asks me to "FIX" my login issues.  The moment I click one of the radio buttons in that screen, a Yahoo signup screen would pop on my browser.  If I were that careless, I could have easily filled out that form thinking that it could "FIX" my problem, just like how innocent users might have done too.

This is obviously PHISING.  As when I tried to login to my Yahoo email using a fresh browser, I was able to do so, but not with the Yahoo Messenger application.

There was no better solution but to immediately change my password and uninstall the Yahoo Messenger program, then run an Anti-spyware program.

Do I have plans of installing Yahoo Messenger again?   There is probably a very high chance that I won't unless I would need it so bad.  So for now, I will just go on with my usual routine, without Yahoo Messenger and sleep over it, until I decide that Yahoo is safe.

In my perspective though, Yahoo will only feel safe if I do not get all the spam messages and spam Instant Messages from my contacts.

For now, I will just read on about mesothelioma and why there is a need to seek help from mesothelioma attorneys.

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