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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Miss Congeniality Miss Australia Allegedly Accuses Miss Philippines Venus Raj

In an article by Fit to Post on Yahoo, Miss Australia allegedly accuses contestants from Mexico, Central and South America, and the Philippines to be the culprits of placing pins at the back of her national costume, with the presumption that these girls are so "hungry to win" as they are "queens" in their own countries and they will be "worshipped if they win".

Those pins might have hurt her back so bad, but she had to wear that smile.
Ironic for Jesinta Campbell, a Miss Congeniality winner in the 2010 Miss Universe pageant held in Las Vegas, USA to be thinking this way about her fellow contestants.

Asked if it could be possible that it was the act of the costume designer, her reply was: "Probably".

SEE the FULL STORY on  "Was Miss Australia misquoted?"


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