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Monday, February 7, 2011

Angelo Reyes Suicide - Guilty as Charged or Murdered by the Guilty

It shocked me when I read my Facebook newsfeed as majority of my friends walls had "Angelo Reyes dead" or "Col Reyes committed suicide".

A few days back, I was just watching local TV and saw how hearings proceeded in the Philippine Senate for the allegedly malversation of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) funds.  Lt. Colonel Rabusa, the former budget officer of Ex-AFP chief Angelo Reyes accused him of getting 350Million Pesos from the (AFP) funds.  Apparently, his allegations lead to the contention that Reyes received 50 Million Pesos in sum as 'pabaon' (provision) given to the outgoing AFP chiefs.

Former chief of AFP Angelo Reyes defends himself against Col. Rabusa's statements in the Senate hearings, and it is such a surprise that the next news succeeding the hearings would be on Former Sec. Angelo Reyes dead from suicide.  The leading local daily in the Philippines tells a story of how Former AFP chief shoots himself amid charges of graft.

I read Angelo Reyes profile in awe, as he graduated from the best schools in the Philippines as well as from the U.S., marks of a really brilliant man.  He graduated valedictorian in High School.  He was a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy (1966) and graduated among the top ten graduates of the academy.

He obtained two masters degrees:  Masters in Business Administration in 1973 from the Asian Institute of Management and Master of Public Administration in 1991 from Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.  In 1983, he took up International Defense Management Course in Monterey, California.

The allegations against Reyes are still being heard in the Senate, and with the loss of his life, it could only lead two speculations:  he could have put an end to his life due to his guilt or he could have committed suicide to protect his brothers in AFP who are threatened by the accusations.  The latter can make him a man of honor before his brethren...but he was in a way murdered by the guilty.

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